Property Periodical Checks

Protect your property while traveling by subscribing to the Property Periodical Checks service, to discover various problems such as water leakage, insects, mold and others and treat them as soon as possible

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Many unexpected accidents can happen to any real estate property within the next few hours or days, and in the event where the real estate owner is in another country, these problems often become twice as bad and expensive.

Our company’s team makes monthly visits to the properties in Istanbul and also on specific dates, if the real estate owner is on vacation, in order to inspect their condition. God forbid, if there were any problems such as a water leakage, moisture problems, or the occurrence of pests, then the real estate owner is notified immediately. We take his consent to take the necessary procedures to fix the repairs before the problem worsens and starts to heavily effect the property, which becomes very costly to fix. 

What are the property inspection services that the A to Z company provides in Turkey?

1- Our company’s representative makes an initial visit to receive the property from the real estate owner and document its current conditions with pictures.

2- An entry permit is obtained in the event that the real estate property is within a complex in addition to all of the necessary keys to enter the property and its benefits.

3- A fixed date is set every month to inspect the real estate property in full detail to ensure it is in good condition.

4- The company’s representative sends a full report filled with pictures explaining the condition of the real estate property to the real estate owner.

5- If there were to be a problem in the real estate property, it would be documented in a full detail, and there would be searches for possible procedures and solutions to fix it in the fastest and cheapest way possible.

6- The company’s phone number is given to the officials of the complex or building to immediately inform us if there is a problem or emergency that we can directly step in and solve it.

7- The company’s representative calls the workshops and specialists that are needed to make the necessary procedures to repair any problems.

Why should you subscribe to this service?

This service provides you the guarantee that your property will remain safe and sound in Istanbul while you are away and avoid any expensive costs that can result from neglecting the property and not having quick intervention to solve any type of problem.

Who benefits from the service of having monthly property checks from the A to Z company?

Any person who has a property in Turkey, and he is absent for a period of time, whether it was for days, weeks, months, or even years, can benefit from this service.

What are the limits of the company's liabilities when providing the service of having monthly property checks?

  • The company is not responsible for any property problems that occur between the scheduled monthly visits.
  • In order to schedule the inspection visits to the property, the property owner must inform our company when he will depart from Turkey.
  • All repair costs are paid by the property owner.

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