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Furnish your apartment with the most beautiful Turkish furniture by subscribing to the Property Furnishing service, which will allow you to choose furniture from a big collection, receive it and install it in your home

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Turkey is one of the most famous furniture manufacturers in the world, offering a wide range of options and different prices. In case there is a language barrier, and there is a hard time understanding others, one may find themselves vulnerable to mistakes or falling into irreversible traps. To prevent this, our company provides the service of buying or ordering furniture with the best offers and deals to our clients, while also keeping them fully informed on everything. 

What are the furnishing services that the A to Z company provides?

1- Our company provides the service of purchasing the furniture and basic electronic appliances for any home such as refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, dishwashers, etc.

2- The company’s representative and client can coordinate visits together to furniture and electronic appliance stores.

3- The client is provided with websites of famous stores to see the models so that he can choose what best suits him. Once he decides, he should notify the company of his choice so that they can supervise the client ordering and receive their order.

4- The client can also send his available budget to our company’s representative, and the representative will visit the store and take pictures to send to the client so that he can make his decision.

5-  Clients will be helped with understanding the sellers and negotiating the price, time of delivery, and factory warranty, while also completely finalizing the purchase process without any sorts of misunderstandings.  

6- Clients will also be helped with receiving furniture and electronic appliances in the real estate property, supervising its installations, and making sure it works.

7- Our company will work with manufacturers to secure the repairs covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Why should you subscribe to this service?

1- You will benefit from the many years of experience of our company’s representatives in the Turkish market and how it functions.

2- The language barrier will be removed, which reduces the possibility of misunderstanding.

3- You will have a variety of choices within the provided budget, which saves a lot of time and effort.

4- You can coordinate the arrival of the furniture to the real estate property and ensure that the warranty is still valid.

5- There is no need to travel to Turkey in order to receive the furniture inside the real estate property and supervise its installations.

Who will benefit from the furnishing services that the A to Z company provides?

Any person who owns or rents a real estate property in Turkey whether he lives in it or is using it for vacation and wishes to get it ready in the easiest and least amount of stress possible can benefit from the furnishing services.

What are the limits of the company's liabilities when providing the furnishing services?

1- The manufacturer’s warranty does not include malfunctions, but our company provides maintenance paid by the owner for these malfunctions and assistances with replacing or purchasing a replacement. 

2- Visiting the furniture companies with the client does not exceed more than three working days.

3- All costs associated with the price of furniture and delivery charges are to be paid by the client. 

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