Real-estate Renting

Stay away from the problems and worries of leasing by subscribing to the Real Estate Renting service, which includes preparing the property, leasing advertisements, signing contracts with the tenant, collecting rent and examining the property

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In Istanbul, renting a real estate property is the logical and profitable solution in an event where its owner is unwilling to live in it. In addition to the investor’s profits, renting also removes the burden of paying the proceeds and monthly bills associated with the property.

Renting carries out multiple, huge responsibilities beginning with making sure the tenant is appropriate, fixing the necessary repairs before and after the rental period, following up with monthly pays such as rent and monthly bills, receiving receipts of your payments, and inspecting the real estate property at the end of the lease term in addition to the legal prosecution of a bad tenant.

Our company provides an integrated rental service that lifts all of the previous burdens on the client in a convenient and interactive way so that he remains fully informed of all the details and benefits from our company's knowledge of all the laws governing the leasing process in Turkey.

What are the rental real estate services provided by the A to Z company in Istanbul?

The services provided are the following:

  1. Preparing the property for rent by carrying out the necessary repairs, if any, cleaning, and applying mattresses and supplies in the event of renting a furnished room.
  2. Notify you to pay the necessary bills for renting a property.
  3. Filter potential tenants and making sure they are able to pay.
  4. Referring to contacts with previous owners to make sure of the quality of the renter (if possible).
  5. Explaining to the renter the terms of the lease that is drafted by the lawyer who protects the rights of all parties and ensures the completion of the contract procedures.
  6. Making sure the monthly payments are paid on time without stacking up fines.
  7. Helping the tenant prepare the monthly rent and giving the payments to the owner.
  8. Receiving the property from the tenant whenever the lease term ends and ensuring its safety.
  9. Choosing a lawyer to follow up on any legal prosecutions in case we experience some some unwanted difficulties from the tenant (failure to pay, the need to carry out an eviction order, etc.).

Why should you subscribe to this service?

There are many common difficulties when renting a real estate property such as the lack of follow-ups/reminders or the troubles of having the real estate owner being located in another country, which sometimes causes a language barrier to happen. This service provides you with investment returns while also maintaining your property in safe hands without the need of direct contact with any party outside the representative of A to Z.

Who will benefit from the rental services that are provided by the A to Z company?

Any person who owns a property in Turkey and wishes to rent it will benefit from this service?

What are the limits of the company's liabilities when providing the rental services?

All of the collective repair and cleaning costs before and after the lease period are paid by the owner. If needed, the costs of legal agencies are also paid by the owner.

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