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Do not bother to come in person to do every legal procedure, through the Power of Attorney service we will be able to carry out all the procedures on your behalf

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In order to be able to do all of the required real estate work legally and properly in Turkey, whether in purchasing, selling, or renting a real estate property or other related topics, a legal agency must be obtained from the notary. This allows our team to carry out only what was agreed upon and accordance to the terms mentioned in the agency. The notary public appoints a sworn translator depending on the language of the real estate owner so that the client has a full understanding of the content of the agency.

All procedures for obtaining a legal agency in Turkey can be done in one day in a duration of only a few hours, and you are accompanied by a member of our company throughout the entire process.

A lot of real estate transactions ask for identification papers for the client, which is often in the real estate owner's language and is required to be translated into Turkish. Our company has various relationships with multiple government-accredited translators who coordinate with the Turkish government to translate all of the required documents in the fastest time and in the most effective costs.

What are the services of extracting an agency or translating real estate paper in Turkey provided from the company A to Z?

  • Our representative provides the real estate owner with a list of all of the required papers to obtain from the legal agency in Turkey.
  • Whenever the real estate owner requests, the representative of our company will ensure the translation of all the necessary papers from a sworn translator that is approved by the Turkish government.
  • The representative, with agreements made by the accredited lawyer and the real estate owner, determines the terms of the agency and the works that are included.
  • Our representative will accompany the real estate owner to the notary to certify the agency to become legally accredited.
  • Our company ensures the service of having a sworn translator for any document that the real estate owner demands.

Why should you subscribe to this service?

This service fully guarantees you to obtain a legal agency in Turkey in the most effective way possible and without any error. This service also guarantees quick, high quality translations of papers from sworn translators approved by the Turkish government.

Who will benefit from the service of extractions of legal agencies and having a sworn translation provided by the A to Z company?

Any person who needs an extraction from a legal agency, translation of important papers, or a certificate in Turkey can benefit from using this service.

What are the limits of the company's liabilities with providing legal agency extractions and translating documents?

  • The cost of extracting and certifying the agency and the fee of having the sworn translator at the notary are all paid by the real estate owner.
  • The real estate owner himself extracts the identification papers from the source of the country.
  • Whether the agency was issued from the Turkish embassy in an area of residence or from a notary in Turkey, one of its conditions is the presence of both the person concerned and the company's representative, who accompanies the client to prevent any errors in the terms of the agency or a lack of papers submitted.
  • The cost of translating papers and supporting documents is paid by the real estate owner, and the company is considered as negotiator for the process and guarantees only quality and speed.

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