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If you want to change the interior design of your property or if you bought a property without décor, you can subscribe to this service to get everything needed to do a distinctive and attractive interior design

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Our company provides an interior and exterior design for real estate properties in Istanbul through a professional team of interior designers and specialized workers who work for the A to Z company. This is done to ensure the investor's satisfaction and a high quality of performance, while also preventing any errors or misunderstandings.

What are the decorating services provided by the A to Z company?

  1. One of the services include the design and implementation of the interior design for the real estate property, landscaping, and the external spaces that belong to the property.
  2. Clearly understanding the client's needs in full detail.
  3. Coordinating the details between the client and the specialized engineers to study his property and develop the best plan to implement.
  4. Supervising and ensuring the primary materials are there to implement according to the budget and quality standards established by the agreement between the client and the decorator.
  5. Coordinating and following up with workshops to implement what was according to the plan presented by the decorator.
  6. The client is coordinated and communicated with step by step during the implementation process through detailed reports on the progress of the work and any modifications he had ordered.

Why should you subscribe to this service?

  1. Our company saves you the trouble of searching for decorators and implementers in a foreign country.
  2. We provide advice to the client and ensure that all matters are precisely detailed without any legal violations.
  3. We reduce the burden of communication, while also help you in directly and daily following up with the workshop.
  4. Our company ensures that the client, wherever he is and at any time he wishes, keeps a close follow up of the work development through reports sent to him by the company's representative.
  5. If there is non-compliance with the previously agreed time schedule, our company will follow up with workshops and impose late fines on them if necessary.

Who benefits from the decorating services provided by the A to Z company?

Whoever wishes his property to be unique, harmonic, comfortable, suitable for his lifestyle, and to use his entire property in Turkey in the best way possible whether the building was new or old can benefit using the decorating service.

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