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How nice is it to arrive in a nice, clean house after enduring the troubles of traveling such as waiting for long hours between airports and taxis? Naturally, any property, whether its owner lives in it or not, needs cleaning. Our company provides property cleaning services in Turkey that can be requested at any time either weekly, monthly, yearly, or even before the property owner arrives to his home to spend his vacation.

What are the property cleaning services that are provided in Turkey by the A to Z company?

  • This service can be done either after receiving the property from the construction company, in a fixed periodic manner, or between renting periods in the situation that the property is for rent.
  • An agreement can be made by the property owner on the frequency of property/properties cleaning appointments (weekly, monthly, or upon request).
  • Our company secures the right and appropriate cleaning company that has both work experience and quality.
  • Our company inspects the cleaning quality and reports it to the property owner.
  • The property owner can change the previously agreed upon frequency of cleaning appointments, while also appropriately adjusting the subscription cost.

Why should you subscribe to this service?

To avoid the burden of cleaning your property after long hour of travel in addition to easing your mind from negotiating with cleaning workshops and consistently following up on them.

Who benefits from the cleaning property services that are provided from the A to Z company in Turkey?

Any person who has a property in Turkey can benefit from the cleaning property services.

What are the limits of the company's liabilites when providing the cleaning property services in Turkey?

  • The owner pays for the fees of the cleaning company and the materials used by them.
  • Our company is not responsible for any accidents that may occur during the cleaning process. The cleaning company will be pursued in compensation for the property owner.
  • The fee required from the cleaning company can change depending on the area of the property and the type of cleaning requested (regular cleaning or deep cleaning)
  • The cost of the property cleaning services provided by our company changes depending on how frequent the client's appointments are (weekly, monthly, yearly, or upon request).

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