Paying Housing Fees

Subscribe to the Paying Housing Fees service to register your data within the complex management office that includes the property and pay the monthly subscriptions and any additional costs

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Do not worry and go through the trouble of following up with paying the monthly bills and attempt to understand your account statement with the complex management. The company will carry this burden for you to avoid late fees, legal prosecutions, and any accounting errors that may happen.

All of the investors and real estate owners within a residential complex in Turkey must pay the monthly bills in exchange for the services provided by the residential complex management such as parks, swimming pools, gyms, cleaners, security guards, and more. Mainly because of the language barrier, most of these investors and real estate owners face problems in paying and following up on the monthly bills and dealing with management of the residential complex. In order to make this process easier, our company fully supervises and facilitates the process starting from requesting statements and checking if there are any account errors made by the management of the residential complex to paying the monthly bills and following up on any additional payments that may be required from the residential complex management. These additional payments are used in order to either improve the complex, add new events, or due to lack of financial liquidity (this is the most common reason).

What are the revenue payment services provided by the A to Z company?

  • The company's representative enters the real estate property's data to our company's electronic system to complete all payments on a monthly basis.
  • Our company's representative's phone number and e-mail are given to the residential complexes so that they can immediately notify us to finish off any additional payments.
  • On a semi-annual basis, an account system is requested from the residential complex management and reviewed to ensure there are no accounting errors.

Why should you subscribe to this service?

To avoid the inconvenience of having services such as hot water, entering the gym or swimming pool, and others provided by the residential complex to be interrupted, which will spoil many hours or days from your vacation. Moreover, you can avoid accumulating delayed fines that you do not need to pay when using this service.

Who will benefit from the revenue payment services provided by the A to Z company?

Any person who has a property within a residential complex in Turkey will benefit from using this service.

What are limits of the company’s liabilities when providing the revenue payment service?

The property owner has to pay all of the monthly bills, additional payments, and any previously accumulated fines. 

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