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Creating a bank account is one of the most important basics of life in Turkey, so this service helps you open your bank accounts in the best banks

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Opening a bank account in Turkey for a real estate investor, commercial investor, or any person residing in Turkey is essential because it makes periodic transactions such as paying installments, receiving payments, and other banking transactions easier to carry out. The required papers and procedures are different depending on which bank, so the A to Z company provides the service of opening a bank account, through which our company’s representative escorts the client to the bank to help open an account and activate the phone application. The presence of the person concerned is required. 

What are the services that help you open up a bank account in Turkey and are provided by the A to Z company?

  • The client is provided with all of the required papers in order to open a bank account.
  • Depending on the client's request, assistance in translating any papers or documents with a sworn translator can be obtained.
  • Our company's representative escorts the client to the bank and helps him quickly and smoothly complete the entire process thanks to our strong relationships.
  • The process of opening up on a bank account takes an average of one hour.
  • The bank account cannot be opened without the presence of the person concerned.

Why should you subscribe to this service?

To complete the process of opening a bank account in a fast, comfortable manner.

Who can benefit from the service that helps you open up a bank account in Turkey and is provided from the A to Z company?

Any person who wishes to open a bank account in Turkey for any reason can benefit from this service.

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