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Obtaining Turkish citizenship requires special procedures and transactions in a certain way, so subscribing to this service helps you to carry out the legal procedures in a correct manner and away from mistakes that may stop the citizenship file

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The methods and conditions of obtaining a Turkish citizenship for foreign investors has changed. These changes include owning a certain amount of real estate within specific conditions, depositing a certain amount of money in the bank for a certain amount of time, or employing a certain number of Turkish citizenship holders. However, the procedures and paperwork required to obtain a Turkish citizenship are similar, such as recording papers in the citizenship department and communicating with specialized departments in case there are some papers missing or to respond to any questions from specialized authorities, which leads to receiving the Turkish identification card and obtain the passport. All of the previously mentioned needs legal follow-up and assurance of the integrity of the submitted papers.

Our company helps you in looking for the best, specialized lawyers who can speak in multiple foreign languages. We then connect them with the applicant of nationality and, if necessary, contribute to the translation of papers and documents, while also helping them collect the required papers in Turkey.

Through the official agency issued by the Turkish embassy in the country of residence, our company also helps in performing all of the citizenship procedures without the need for the applicant of nationality and to prevent him from bearing the burden of travel and waste of his time and money.

What are the services of procedures of obtaining Turkish citizenship provided by the company?

  • Depending on the way the investor wants to obtain the Turkish citizenship, a comprehensive list of all of the required papers and documents is prepared and submitted to him.
  • An appropriate lawyer is selected and connected with the Turkish citizenship applicant, and they coordinate on how to complete this process.
  • At the request of the investor, our company helps collect all of the required documents in Turkey.
  • Our company's representative constantly follows up with the lawyer and ensures the integrity of the process.
  • In the situation of extracting a legal document, our company performs all of the procedures without the need for the citizenship applicant to come.
  • At the request of the investor, our company is able to aid in extracting and receiving a Turkish identification card and passport.

Why should you subscribe to this service?

To guarantee the best and safest process in obtaining Turkish citizenship without errors that lead to wasting your investment. We also help you avoid carrying the burdens of this process and all of its follow-ups.

Who can benefit from the service of managing the process of obtaining a Turkish citizenship provided by the A to Z company?

Any person who wishes to obtain a Turkish citizenship whether it is through owning a real estate property for a certain value, depositing a certain amount of money in a Turkish bank, or by employing a certain amount of Turkish citizenship holders in his Turkish company can benefit from this service.

What are the limits of the company’s liabilities when providing the service of managing the process of obtaining a Turkish citizenship?

  • The investor, if there are any, has to pay for all expenses of lawyers, agencies, and the extraction of required papers.
  • The company does not hold responsibility for the rejection of citizenship from the Turkish state because of national security or other reasons.

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