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Get your Turkish tax ID needed to perform many legal procedures in Turkey by subscribing to the Tax ID service

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Any legal procedure related with renting, purchasing, or selling a real estate property in Turkey or even opening a bank account or extracting legal agencies can lead to obtaining a tax number from the tax department. One of our company representatives will accompany the client to the tax department to issue a tax number.

What are the services that help obtain a tax number provided by the A to Z company?

  • The client is provided with all of the required papers to obtain a tax number.
  • Our company's representative escorts the client to the tax department and assists him in completing the entire process.
  • The process of obtaining a tax number takes an average of one hour.
  • The tax number is not given unless the person concerned is present.
  • In some rare exceptions, the tax number can be issued without the presence of the person concerned, but an additional cost must be paid by the client after his approval.

Why should you subscribe to this service?

To obtain a tax number quickly and comfortably.

Who will benefit from the service provided by the A to Z company that helps you obtain a tax number in Turkey?

Any person who wishes to obtain a tax number in Turkey for any purpose will benefit from this service.

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