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You may face some legal problems related to real estate such as delays in the issuance of the title deed, problems with a tenant or a dispute with the management of a residential or commercial complex, so this service helps you by appointing an appropriate lawyer to solve your legal problems

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In Turkey, real estate investment is sometimes affected by many obstacles such as being late in issuing the title deed, the tenant not paying his dues, or any type of disputes with the complex management and other political troubles, in addition to the language barrier and the difficulty of finding the appropriate legal authority. Our company provides multiple options of specialized, multi-lingual lawyers to follow up on the required legal procedures.

What are the services of appointing a lawyer to follow up on legal procedures in Turkey provided by the A to Z company?

  1. Our company's representative fully understands the requirements of the real estate investor and analyzes the legal problems he faces and wishes to solve.
  2. Different choices of specialized lawyers are presented depending on the situation.
  3. The real estate investor is introduced to the lawyer.
  4. At the request of the real estate investor, he can directly communicate with the lawyer or our company's representative can communicated and coordinate with him until the case is solved.

Why should you subscribe to this service?

To ensure that your legal problems are safely resolved without entering into any unnecessary and complicated hardships.

Who benefits from the service of appointing a lawyer to follow up on legal procedures in Turkey and is provided by the A to Z company?

Any person who has a legal problem whether it involves selling, buying, renting, or obtaining a Turkish citizenship can benefit from this service.

What are the limits of the company's liabilities when providing the service of appointing a lawyer to follow up on legal procedures in Turkey?

  • The lawyer's fees are paid by the real estate investor.
  • All expenses related to translating papers or obtaining a legal agency are paid by the owner. Our company facilitates the process upon request, but only for a separate fee of the service of extracting a legal agency and translating identification papers.
  • Managing the process that obtains a Turkish citizenship is a separate service provided by the A to Z company, and you can subscribe to it through the link.

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